A bit about me, a bit about Deliq.
I've been writing about theatre and music for nearly 20 years now: that's a long relationship to have with ephemeral things. This blog/website is an attempt to make that work more tangible, to frame it and give it a home. I took up music and then theatre as an escape and a drug; I overdid it, took time off, then came back to theatre because it's become necessary to me: as a mirror of who we are and how we live, and as a dark window through to where we might be going. The writing I do in relation to it might seem all monologue, but it comes from a commitment to dialogue and collaboration. If you like what you read, let's talk.


What else? I'm excitable and easily bored. I want to do everything and live in permanent frustration at how little gets done. I have two kids who are hurtling towards adolescence with a speed I find terrifying. I cry a lot and laugh a bit and listen as hard as I can. I'm a feminist but the anti-capitalist kind, dedicated to lifelong learning but outside of the academy, and often wish I were painting instead. I was born working class to immigrant (Cypriot) parents and live in a constant state of confusion that I'm now so very white and middle-class. It takes a lot of effort to inhabit contradiction, but I'm trying.

Oh, and I know the blog name is daft. At least it's abbreviated from where it began (explanation here). I've kept it because I'm stubborn, and because deliquescence speaks so flamboyantly to the fluid thought inspired by theatre.