Sunday, 5 January 2014

clearing out the cobwebs

I'm in the middle of this ridiculously massive job that is stopping me sleeping at nights and setting up a five/six month programme of Dialogue Theatre Clubs (squeak!) X and I seem to be going to Canada to take part in an academic conference for the first time ever (aaargh!) and somewhere in the back of my mind I've concocted this entire book that I want to write about Shunt (honestly, Tassos Stevens says one thing, one tiny thing, on twitter about how great it would be if someone, possibly me, wrote about Shunt and I just haven't been able to forget it, it's like it bore a hole in my brain and I keep poking my finger in and squidging stuff around) and then there's the Fuel New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood blog to update and somehow in the midst of all this Mary Paterson and I are plotting a new project together and I think I need a deep breath now...

But I don't feel quite ready for 2014 until I've properly said goodbye to 2013. That involves at the very, very least saying thank you to the following shows (in no order whatsoever) for nourishing and/or cheering and/or challenging and/or holding and/or breaking-remaking and/or inspiring and/or surprising me over the course of the year: In the Republic of Happiness, Life and Times, Mental, (the Unicorn) Henry V, The Forest and the Field, Becoming an Image, Orpheus, My Perfect Mind, Say It With Flowers, The Victorian in the Wall, Landscape II, Trash Cuisine, Mission Drift, Our Town, Strange Interlude, London Stories, what happens to the hope at the end of the evening, The Amen Corner, Circle Mirror Transformation, Blackouts, Fleabag, Grounded, Squally Showers, Ring, The Worst of Scottee, Secret Theatre Streetcar Named Desire, The Events, A Conversation, Fatherland, Wuthering Heights, Credible Likeable Role Model Superstar, Our Glass House, The Future Show, Beating McEnroe, Ballad of the Burning Star, The Way You Tell Them, There Has Possibly Been an Incident, Not Until We Are Lost, Each of Us, Hoke's Bluff, Nut, Mojo, Mr and Mrs Moon, Jumpers for Goalposts, (Young Vic) Beauty and the Beast, Toynbee, Surabaya Johnny...

another deep breath...

and try to ignore that nagging frustrating realisation that I've barely written about any of these things...


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    Carrie Cracknell has unwittingly branded all teenage boys misogynistic for having fantasies.

    In a Guardian article advertising a play about 'rape and misogyny culture', the theatre director in question, Carrie Cracknell, says "A whole generation are growing up with their first sexual experiences being pornography, which is hateful and misogynistic, and this song is the tip of that iceberg."

    Whilst there are clearly problems with pornography which is misogynistic, pornography on its own is not. The Guardian writer, Maddy Costa, linked the url (below in the reference) leading to the daily beast's article on a sexist and abusive song to the idea of all pornography, shamelessly, as though Maddy Costa has never been taught what empiricism is.

    If a teenage boy (or girl) uses pornography rather than imagining sexual fantasies in their mind and masturbating without any 'assistance' nobody in their right mind would call that misogynistic.

    If porn depicts women in demeaning ways, or men in demeaning ways, it seems reasonable to argue that it is encouraging something wholly wrong. Porn which is ordinary porn in which consenting sex is depicted, there is no difference between this and ordinary sexual fantasy and those who cannot see this have much the same problem as puritans and victorian england.